6 Albums You Need To Wish Happy 10th Birthday To

Pop culture was very different/cringe-worthy one decade ago. In the year 2006, I was 10-years-old, but I can remember the year all too well. During this time, Heelys could be found on the feet of every pre-teen gliding into Hot Topic, American Idol and Pirates of the Carrabin were on every T.V, and MySpace was on the screen of every computer. Within this completely different era though, emerged a set of alternative and indie albums that would eventually shape the 00โ€™s generation and still be relevant today. This year, many of these albums are celebrating their 10-year-anniversary. To make it through 2006 successfully was quite an accomplishment within itself. To celebrate, I made a list of six different albums that are turning 10 this year along with some details of their legacy.

Music Infograph

What albums from 2006 played on your MySpace page? Let me know in the comments below.

Boys Like Girls Facts:

The Killers Facts:

Regina Spektor Facts:
-Rolling Stone Magazine

All Time Low Facts:
-Google Books

The Strokes Facts:

Taking Back Sunday Facts:
-Kerrang! Magazine
Absolute Punk



One thought on “6 Albums You Need To Wish Happy 10th Birthday To

  1. arohloff says:

    I love this post! I really appreciate that you made your info graphic in Photoshop yourself; it’s so cool that you have those skills. So to be honest, at first when I was reading this, I was thinking that I wouldn’t know any of these songs or albums. The year these songs came out, I was 11. But after I did some research on a couple of the albums, I realized that there are a ton of awesome throwbacks that I know.
    First of all, Fidelity by Regina Spector. Oh my lord, I loved that song! I just remembered the music video being so cool with the colored powder. “It breaks my heart!”
    Second, like were you even in middle in 2006 if you didn’t know Great Escape by Boys Like Girls?! Like seriously, that song just screams 2006.
    Lastly, THE KILLERS ROCK MY WORLD! I’m like kind of a lowkey huge fan of the Killers and When Your Wee Young is such a good song. I remember this music video too, with the girl like hanging dramatically on the side of a cliff.
    So basically, thank you for taking me back on this wonderful train through music history that I never would have thought I would have known! Awesome research and an awesome job!


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